Occupational injuries account for many millions of working days lost each year in Britain.

No matter whether your work is in the office or outside on the land you need to be able to cope with the individual demands made on your body by the style of work you do.

Manual work inevitably carries the inherent risk of injury caused by heavy and often awkward lifting, overstretching, and periods of prolonged bending causing back and disc injuries, sciatica, and muscle strains.

In the office where desk work is more common, there are the dangers of ‘computer hump’ and ‘mouse wrist’, whilst frequent telephone use affects the neck and shoulders causing headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome etc.

Those who drive for a living need to be aware of their driving position as it affects not only their back, neck and shoulders but also can affect hips, knees and feet.

Treatment is designed to enable you to cope with the demands of your job and lifestyle. To get you well and back to work as soon as possible - and as far as possible, to prevent injury recurring.

Work Injuries

Terry Rulten Brentwood Osteopath