About half the people I treat have back or neck problems.
Most of these are as a result of mechanical disturbances of the spine due to postural strains, joint dysfunction, work, sport, pregnancy or just life itself. These disturbances often lead to nerve irritation such as sciatica or 'trapped nerves'. Many headaches originate from tension and stiffness of the neck. Osteopathic treatment aims to get to the root of the problem to bring effective, lasting relief.

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Many problems relate to work.
Whether it be at a computer or in heavy industry, work can give rise to a whole range of disorders of the muscles, tendons and joints particularly in the back, hands, arms and legs.

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Osteopathy helps people of all ages - including children and babies!
Many people are surprised to learn that osteopathy can relieve the symptoms of many conditions common in babies and children.

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'Wear and tear' and the ageing process.
This is a common cause of pain and discomfort. I have many patients with conditions such as arthritis whose symptoms are greatly reduced by osteopathic treatment enabling them to enjoy an active and full lifestyle.

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Sporting and overuse injuries.
Treatment is not just about resolving the present injury. An integral part of any treatment plan is to work to improve the body's function to reduce the likelihood of future injury and damage. It may even lead to improved performance!

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Terry Rulten Brentwood Osteopath